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African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots

Sex Male and Female
Age 10 months
Status Available
Price $900
Breed African Grey Parrots
Expected Delivery in 4-10 Days
  • Descriprion

African Grey parrots for sale

African Grey parrots make wonderful pets, they’re intelligent, beautiful birds with great “attitudes” which is why they make such brilliant companions to share a home with. However, be prepared for the long haul because when these birds are well cared for, they can live for a very long time.

If you are thinking about adopting or buying an African Grey parrot, they will be hand reared birds because in the UK and many other countries of the world, it’s illegal to buy birds that have been captured in the wild due to the fact the numbers of African Greys in their native lands has decreased over the last few decades and they were heading for the endangered species list. In fact, their numbers are still dropping which is a real worry for conservationists and animal lovers alike.

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